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Why energy consultancy is important

Over two-thirds of businesses in the UK use energy consultancy services to help with the procurement and ongoing management of their commercial energy usage. With so many organisations across the country investing in energy consultancy, we summarise why it can be extremely rewarding.

Energy consultancy is important because of the amount of money businesses spend on their gas and electric. Our clients spend, on average, £100,000 a year, so it goes without saying that they want to make sure they’re getting the best prices available.

It’s a crowded, complicated market and can be difficult for business owners to navigate on their own when they also have a company to run. This is where energy consultancy comes into play.

Our specialist team of energy consultants work with our clients to understand their energy usage and see if any patterns or immediate opportunities for energy saving can be identified. We’ll have a chat about what you’d like to get out of the energy consultancy process and document you goals for the future.

We then start the serious leg work. We have access to over 20 suppliers and will contact each one to identify which organisation can provide the best service for our client. Energy consultancy allows us to act as intermediaries, kicking off the process, collecting information, negotiating and the closing the deal.

At CUB, our energy consultancy isn’t just a one off project. We work with our clients in the long term as their energy consultant to ensure they continue to get the most from their supplier.

For more information about our energy consultancy services, simple call a member of our expert team on 01354 606848 or email cus[email protected].