Terms & Conditions - Reduction Reward Scheme – DSO and LCM Schemes

These Terms and Conditions apply to the CUB (UK) Ltd Reduction Rewards Scheme – DSO and LCM Schemes (the “Scheme”). By sending an “Opt In” email to [email protected] to enter the Scheme, you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

1. The Scheme will be run by CUB (UK) Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales with registered number 3759889 and registered office 6 Melbourne Avenue, March PE15 0EN (“CUB (UK)”, “we”, “us”).

2. These terms and conditions, together with any specific rules set out in any communications relating to the Scheme, are the Scheme rules (“Rules”) and apply to this Scheme. By entering this Scheme, you are agreeing to be bound by these Rules and any other applicable instructions.

3. CUB (UK) reserves the right to cancel or amend the Scheme and/or the Rules without prior notice.

4. In the event of any dispute regarding any aspect of the Scheme, the decision of CUB (UK) shall be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

5. These Scheme terms and conditions are separate to the terms and conditions for energy consultancy that you have with CUB (UK) and will not affect your rights and obligations under those terms.

Scheme Participation

6. There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this Scheme.

7.To be eligible for the Scheme, you must:
a. At all times comply with these Terms & Conditions;
b. Allow CUB to access Half-Hourly data and any other information required to administer the scheme
c. have a working electricity smart meter which has been sending 80% of half-hourly readings for the last 20 days
d. have at least a full day’s worth of half-hourly readings
e. opt-into the Scheme by sending an email stating that you wish to take part
f. not be taking part in any other flexibility scheme with another supplier or provider unless previously agreed
g. have consented to, and not remove your consent, to giving CUB (UK) Ltd half-hourly reads

8. The Scheme period will start upon receipt of these terms and has no fixed end date.

9. Customers will be increasing/decreasing energy usage during a CUB Reduction Reward Event “Event” . Prior to each Reduction Reward Event, we will send you a notification of the Event window and the available payment per kWh turn up/down (the “Reward”). The Reward is not fixed and may be different for each Session.

10. To be eligible for payment, you must opt-in to the Event before it begins, and increase/reduce electricity import as measured by your smart meter compared to a “Baseline” during any of the half-hours of the Session window.

11. You will earn a reward for each half-hour of the Event that you turn up/down. The amount paid to you is net of any fee taken by CUB for the purpose of administering the scheme.

12. Approximately one month after each event we will send you a statement showing the amount you have earned from the event.

13. Once the total amount you have earned exceeds £50 please raise an invoice for us to pay.

14. We will calculate your Baseline using the BSC P376 ‘Utilising a Baseline Methodology to set Physical Notifications’ with an in-day adjustment for domestic customers, and without an in-day adjustment for business customers. This methodology looks at up to 10 days of your recent smart meter history, excluding days where a Session has taken place, to calculate your average consumption.

15. In the event that we’re unable to pull your meter readings to calculate your usage from any of the Events, we’ll work it out using an average across all Scheme participants. If at any point throughout the Scheme you are no longer eligible under Clause 7, we reserve the right to remove you from the Scheme.

16. If your smart meter becomes disconnected or you move premises, we reserve the right to remove you from the Scheme.

17. By entering the Scheme, you warrant that all information submitted by you is true, current and complete. If any information you submit is found to be fraudulent or incorrectly completed or if CUB (UK) has reasonable grounds to believe that you have breached any of the Rules, CUB (UK) reserves the right to disqualify you from the Scheme.

18. CUB (UK) will not be liable to reimburse any expenses incurred with entering the Scheme.

19. If at any point you wish to opt-out of the Scheme, please email [email protected] and we will remove you.

Data Protection and Publicity

20. CUB (UK) ’s privacy policy shall apply to any data collected in connection with this Scheme and can be found on our website at http://c-u-b.com

21. CUB (UK) will share customers’ Meter Point Administration Numbers with appropriate parties to register customers in the Scheme and allocate payment to individual customers. CUB (UK) will provide appropriate parties with half hourly electricity consumption, baseline and reduction data, for the purposes of delivering the Scheme. In rare cases, appropriate parties may request detailed half hourly data around the events to audit performance and payment, which may include consumption data on an individual customer basis. By entering the Scheme, you agree to your information being used as such.

22. CUB (UK) in its sole discretion reserves the right to withdraw or vary the Rules and/or any offer made in connection with them in order to comply with the decision of any relevant judicial or regulatory body and shall not be held liable to any participant for doing so.