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Solar PV BioMass Maintenance

With over 50 years’ experience, Think Utility Services are our chosen partner to help us provide our business and commercial clients with Solar PV, BioMass maintenance services. We understand that it is becoming of increasing importance to businesses like yourself to reduce their impact on the environment. With our 12 month maintenance and servicing packages we not only help you to do this but save you costs too.

What do our maintenance & service packages include?

If it is a BioMass boiler you are looking to service and maintain, our trained engineers will visit your site and clean your burner chamber, heat exchanger and grease monitor if possible. They will also test the fuel and carry out a few other checks to make sure your BioMass boiler is working as efficiently as possible. If necessary, they can also clean your pellet or wood chip store.

For Solar PV systems our trained engineers will undertake a full inspection and carry out a number of checks to make sure that it is working correctly and that there are no signs of a fault. With our warranty plus offer, we can monitor the performance of your Solar PV system and if we see any unexpected drops in performance, we will arrange a site visit to investigate this further.

Our service doesn’t end there

If you need to negotiate better deals with suppliers for back up energy or are worried about your water consumption we can help with this too. Our priority is to provide high quality customer service and with our services we can monitor, advise, support and make recommendations about your whole energy portfolio. For more information about any of our services please contact us today.