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Reduction Rewards Scheme - FAQ

Why is this scheme needed?

National Grid are facing a challenge this Winter and beyond in order to “keep the lights on” and manage the electricity system. This scheme is designed to provide further flexibility and headroom for them over this winter.

Is this for electricity only?

Yes currently this service is for electricity only.

Can I sign up for this service for all of my meters?

Currently the CUB RR service is only applicable for Half Hourly Settled meters that have their data collected by Stark. This allows us to access your data easily. National Grid currently don’t allow non-half hourly settled meters to take part in the scheme anyway!

How much could I earn?

It very much depends on how much you use and how much you reduce your usage by. Taking an average usage across our portfolio of 40kwh and assuming a 25% reduction achieved per session with an average session length of 2 hours we expect you will earn somewhere in the region of £300. However this could differ wildly depending on your usage level. Don’t forget that you could earn even if you don’t take any active action as you will be compared against your baseload so don’t worry too much if you cant take drastic action on the day.

How can I reduce my consumption quickly?

Some idea’s – if you have cold storage on site, ensure the doors are closed throughout the Reduction event and/or overchill prior to the event. Turn off air conditioning/electric heaters and any non essential electricity usage. We are suggesting that you use this scheme as an opportunity to highlight area’s for electricity reduction across the whole business.

When will the Reward Reduction events take place?

National Grid ESO have stated an event could occur at any time however they are likely to fall in the highest usage hours of 4-7pm in our opinion and will last between 1 and 4 hours.

How long will the scheme run for?

The scheme will run from now until 31st March 2023.