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You can't get the service

18th Jul 2014

Ever heard the saying “you just can’t get the service nowadays”

The challenges many businesses face include rising commodity prices, Rolled energy contracts, Changing legislation and lack of resource and understanding of the industry’s complexity. Running a business is challenging enough not to mention dealing with energy. So is it fair to say “why not outsource to make this complex area efficient?”

No is the simple answer- if you cannot trust the company you are dealing with to be open, transparent and error free you cannot place this responsibility to a stranger It would be like handing candy to a baby. Customer service is crucial when dealing with your businesses bottom line, but has changes within the market place already reduced your chances of doing this effectively?

This is becoming more of a common question within any industry but even more so within the energy industry. The lack of market regulation has driven many companies to conduct unethical trading leaving the customer high and dry. This has resulted in many businesses rightly so failing to trust energy companies to make the right decisions when managing one of their most crucial expenses. Along with rising commodity prices and changing legislation it can sometimes feel like employing an in house expert would be the better option.  

So why not set your own service standards? Well why not? Create basic guidelines you wish any supplier to adhere to; within reason this should not be an issue. If you’re the customer let the consultant adhere to how you would like your account to be handled. This should be expressed from the start of a working relationship and reviewed with your account manager.

This may sound basic principle but how many businesses do you know that do this? Without setting standards you will not achieve those standards.

Many businesses feel the future rests on their shoulders to ensure monitoring of their own energy usage but it does not have to be that way. The energy industry is vast changing along with your businesses requirements so invest time in making your relationship with your consultant work for you.

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