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Meet Vicky Ellis

16th Oct 2015

Vicky Ellis is Head of Business Support and has been part of the CUB UK team since 2008. Manager of the overall provision of Human Resources, Vicky talks about what it’s like to have such a varied role:

“I joined CUB UK in March as an Administration Assistant. I then worked my way up to Head of Business Support within the company, and I am proud of my development and growth within the CUB UK over the years.

In my job, no two days are the same! Most of my job is behind the scenes, meaning that I can be involved in a huge variety of sensitive and confidential issues, which I must strive to resolve effectively. The energy industry is changing all the time and as a business we are constantly adapting to new regulations and government legislation, ensuring we are always one step ahead for our customers.

My duties include guiding and managing the overall provision of Human Resources services, policies and practices, which can include recruitment, employee development, training and performance management. I am also responsible for the creation and maintenance for the company Quality Management systems as well as managing the Business Support staff.

I enjoy working in a close-knit team and being able to see the value I bring to the business. I am proud of my team every day; they have the customer as their focus and work together, using their own strengths, to develop and grow as a team. Each member brings an energy to the business and we all have very close working relationships with one another. We have pride in our values of being an ethical, open and honest business and our staff live by these values in everything they do. They make our values come alive and set us apart from the competition.

We are currently at the end of a project to get us the accreditation for the ISO 9001 quality standard. This will help set us apart from competition, ensure we have conformance and effectiveness throughout, and help deliver to our customers our five step customer promise. We do business ethically, honestly and openly with real care for our customers and this comes naturally to everyone at CUB UK.”

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