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Meet Andrew Woollard

11th Mar 2016

Andrew Woollard started at CUB UK as Account Manager in 2010. He's now Business Development Team Leader and he shares with us what he loves about working with the family business.

“Before joining CUB UK, I was a ‘jack of all trades.’ I used to work in the Insurance industry and in the care sector with young people. I never considered these previous jobs as career development roles however working for CUB UK in the energy industry is very much my career now. 

I joined CUB UK in October 2010 as an Account Manager and Telesales Representative, and since then I’ve progressed within the company to Business Development Team Leader.

The family values and ethics are at the core of what we do here. There is regular team building activities organised and the way we work sets us apart from our competitors. The business has a very clear mission statement which has a positive impact on both employees and customers. The camaraderie and motivation in and around the business is a credit to us and really does create a great working atmosphere for all.          

At the start of my role as Team Leader I had almost a completely new team from when I was an Account Manager with some of our staff having minimal experience of Account Management. This in itself was a huge challenge for me being in a new role myself. I have had the pleasure of contributing to their growth and watching their success, skills and techniques in customer service and sales go from strength to strength.

In my role I manage auditing and communication with clients, which falls in line with the ISO 9001 accreditation. I am responsible for overseeing sales performance across the team and communicating this throughout the business. No day is the same for me due to the diversity of my role which I love - too much routine can often de-motivate.

Dealing with performance related issues is a challenging part of my role. It can be tricky at its best and is often a sensitive subject with employees, as you would expect. I feel I have gained considerable experience in this area and have adopted a unique approach in managing this that suits the wider team.        

The best thing about my job is the people at CUB UK. I find it extremely rewarding knowing I have played a part in another person’s development and watching their progress is very motivating for the team members and I.

CUB UK is all about transparency, trust and honesty. These three traits are scarce in our industry due to limited regulation and this is something that we have firmly have at the fore front of our business."     

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