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Keeping Cool in the Office

08th Jul 2019

With warmer weather approaching, you and your staff will be looking towards keeping the office as cool as possible, whilst saving money. Have a read below for our tips to staying cool and saving energy in the summer:

  • If your office has tall enough ceilings, consider installing ceiling fans to help create a draft within the room. Creating a flow of hair can help keep the office space cool.
  • Did you know that water heating accounts for 18% of energy used in an office? Reducing the temperature of the hot water supply slightly can help towards saving energy.
  • Do you have Air Conditioning in your office? When was it last serviced? An air conditioning system that may be clogged or faulty could be using more energy than necessary and taking more time to do its job.
  • When the office is warm the last thing you want to do is add more heat. Try to minimise the use of appliances that produce heat, such as the kettle and toaster. Elect to use the microwave instead and save energy at the same time.
  • Leaving equipment on overnight can also heat the office up! Leaving screens on after work can increase the office temperature, as well as leaving printers and chargers.

At CUB UK we understand that some of these operational considerations can be difficult to achieve when working in a large organisation or for a small organisation with temporary staff. However, try to put a strategy in place to educate employees or offer incentives if they help the business to save energy.

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