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Five key trends to look out for in 2016

11th Mar 2016

The cost of energy and efficient consumption is becoming even more of a hot topic for organisations across the UK, but what do you need to be aware of in 2016? We’ve taken a look at the top energy trends to keep an eye on this year.

  • The P272 meter change could affect a number of businesses. Due to Government legislation, all non half hourly meters with profiles 05 – 08 are being upgraded to half hourly meters. This change will mean customers are being billed on accurate meter readings rather than estimated meter readings. This will make a meter operator or data collector a mandatory requirement and we would recommend using our third parties Western Power Distribution and Stark to get this in place.
  • The construction industry tends to run on a first-cost culture where price tends to be key. However, more recently the industry is realising the long term savings that renewable energy can offer. If you’re organisation is looking to move, or perhaps you’re thinking about building a new office, sustainable energy solutions are certainly worth considering.
  • In 2015, large organisations employing over 250 people, or managing an annual turnover of over £38,973,777 and a balance sheet of £33,486,489 had to carry out energy audits, also know as ESOS. The compliance required organisations to calculate their total energy consumption, audit the most energy intensive areas and identify energy efficiency measures . This compliance may have seemed like an intensive measure but acting on the audit advice is good for the bottom line and can turn loss into profit. 
  • Opting for a flexible, rather than fixed, energy procurement strategy can offer your business a cost saving solution while avoiding the financial implications of energy management from a technical perspective.
  • Oil prices have fallen by 70% in the past 15 months and market reports are predicting a further drop in prices. Despite this, many energy companies in the UK have not dropped their prices in line with decreasing wholesale costs. Pressure is now mounting on the UK’s big six to cut their prices in line with falling costs. As an Energy Consultant we understand how this raises doubt with businesses like yourselves as to when the right time to purchase is. Our approach is risk adverse in such market conditions whereby we begin the process of market tracking and tendering 8 – 12 months in advance of our customers renewal dates. This allows us to maximise results for our customers identifying key low points with energy prices allowing them to cash in and take advantage of these opportunities.

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