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CUB Annual Team Building Day

27th Jul 2016

As a third generation family business we pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service record. Our family values and ethics are at the heart of everything we do. This ethos helps us offer the best service to our customers.

Known for being helpful, professional and personable and for going the extra mile, we put the emphasis on team work. We couldn’t deliver the levels of service to our customers without a caring and motivated workforce.

In honour of their hard work we held a team building day, kicking off with an Employee Awards ceremony to recognise and show appreciation to our hard working team.

The winners were as follows:

Customer Service Guru – Andrew Woollard

Andrew has customer service running through his veins and is often referred to as the King of Customer Service.

Team Player Award – Vicky Ellis

Vicky lives the phrase ‘There is no I in TEAM’. She is a true team player and inspiration to those around her.

Running with the Bulls – Michael Parker

Michael ensures customer satisfaction every step of the way and is not afraid to push the boundaries.

Mr Congeniality – Ashley Anderson

Ashley touches our team with his kindness and generosity which is always appreciated by everyone.

Outstanding Philanthropist – Natalie Taylor

Natalie is a keen member of our Green Team and with a charitable nature, dedicates her free time to working as a Guide Leader.

Outstanding Innovator – James Smith

James is an ideas man and always looks for opportunities to promote CUB and improve processes within the organisation.

Miss Motivator – Kibibi Woodlow

Kibbi is the morale booster! She is always there to help make people laugh and put a smile on everyone’s’ face.

The Encouraging Values Award– Vicky Ellis

Vicky’s passion for the company values is infectious and her enthusiasm reminds us all about what CUB stands for.

Queen of Feedback Log – Katherine Jorden

Katherine keeps us on our toes with her exemplary feedback logging allowing us to maintain our high service records.

Behind the Scenes Wonder – James Smy

James is the unassuming person behind the scenes who does an awesome job ensuring everything runs smoothly for the organisation.

Directors’ Choice – Natalie Taylor

Natalie has gained extra recognition winning the Directors’ Choice Award as she consistently fulfils the company values and ethics. A member of the Green Team, she is also an excellent account manager bringing strength and positivity to everything she does. It’s no surprise she has gained the respect of her peers.

Once the award ceremony was over, the team had a delicious celebratory lunch followed by a competitive game or two of bingo at a local venue. Fun and laughter was had by all!

As an organisation we are forever grateful and fortunate to have such a dedicated team on board who understand and respect our values, ethics and vison for the future. We give thanks and recognition to their continued hard work and commitment.