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Beth Clingo: This is your life

25th Sep 2014


Beth Clingo is the Business Support Team Leader. Her life at CUB has been one of persistence and determination. Beth joined CUB (UK) Ltd as an Administration Assistant in 2009 and was quiet and shy after having had a while out of work. Over the years all of the team have noticed how confident she has become and how she has developed to become a valued member of the team.  Now that she is Business Support Team Leader she had this to say “I love working with a young ambitious team and most of the people I work with have become my friends outside of work.”

We asked Beth how it felt to be presented with this award, she had this to say “Obviously I was a bit overwhelmed but I was happy that my loyalty had been acknowledged. “

As a company we always have a great time with our employees and always want them to feel happy andbe motivated at work. Beth’s fondest memory so far was the CUB summer BBQ in 2012. We asked her why: “We all got together as a team building event and it was really nice to see how everyone got on. It’s nice to see people personalities out of work.”

We always help our staff become the best they can and always like to acknowledge their achievements. We asked Beth what her biggest achievement at CUB is to date. “The development of my team over the last year, I’m really proud of the way they have performed. All of the team have developed into confident business support members; I like to think I have had something to do with that.”

So what does working at CUB mean to Beth? “CUB means more to me than any other job has. I enjoy my job and I love working with the CUB team. My opinions and ideas are listened to and considered and I really feel part of something.  They have helped me quite a lot over the last year as I was extremely ill and out of work for some time. They have stuck with me and allowed me to have time off for appointments; I really appreciate all the company has done for me.”
We would like to say that Beth is a fantastic asset to CUB and that we are lucky to have such a wonderful employee. We hope the next five years brings you as much happiness as your previous five years. Congratulations Beth, you deserve it.

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