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Avoiding Unexpected Energy Bill Charges

15th Jul 2019

As a business, you need to know what to expect when it comes to paying your energy bills. Unexpected spikes in cost can be the result of inaccurate or incorrect meter readings, low estimations of annual usage, or not correcting suppliers when incorrect information is noticed. How can these be avoided?

Check All Costs

If the total of your bill seems incorrect, take a closer look at all the individual costs. If the consumption looks too high, or there are additional costs you don’t recognise, then you should contact your supplier. Contacting them sooner rather than later is beneficial to reducing the cost of your bills.

Understand the Breakdown

Knowing how your energy bill is detailed will help you to identify where mistakes may lie. By learning what each figure is representing can help you in identifying way of reducing your energy costs.

Moving Properties?

One of your priorities when moving to new premises will be to log meter readings when you leave and obtain meter readings when you take on the responsibilities of the new building. The closer your reads are to you moving in, the more accurate your first bill will be. Otherwise you make be billed for time you were not occupying the building!

Talk to Your Supplier

Has your usage spiked and caused your bill to be much bigger than usual? Call your supplier and discuss it with them; they may be able to tell you where your consumption increased, so you can look to avoid or prepare for it in the future.

Meter Readings

A supplier would usually ask you to submit a meter reading once every two years. However, by calling and submitting a meter reading every time you receive a bill, you can avoid potential estimated readings that could result in higher-than-usual bills.

“When it comes to managing your energy bills preparation is key, it pays to be prepared and take regular meter reads rather than end up in a dispute with your supplier over how much has been used and when. The option of smart metering can also offer a solution to this problem which negates the need for reads to be taken. I also recommend insisting on a dedicated point of contact at your energy supplier, particularly if you have a large spend, so that if the unexpected does happen then someone will take ownership of your problem.” – Louis Fairfax, Managing Director.

If your organisation’s in need of a transparent and professional level of service when it comes to managing energy, the team at CUB UK can help. Our five-star customer promise and our helpful and personable approach to energy consultancy is what keeps our clients coming back year after year. We provide an honest approach to fees and energy price breakdowns, we provide meter monitoring services and are always contactable should you need to discuss your energy payments.

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