The Empress Swimming Pool

The Empress Swimming Pool Trust is a charity run pool based in Chatteris. Though only 20m x 15m, the swimming pool facility is the only one in town, and they enjoy the support of loyal, regular members. The multi-use facility is also open for party and event hire.The charity’s Board of Trustees are tasked with running the facility in a cost effective manner though keeping a tight grasp on the swimming pool budget is not an easy task. The facility has to be managed and staffed, then there are maintenance costs as well as utility bills including gas, electricity and water. It is no surprise that heating a swimming pool is an expensive business and securing the optimum utility deal is therefore imperative.

That is how the trustees came to discover the services of Energy Consultants CUB UK Ltd. Taking the advice and recommendation of a colleague, Trustee, Duncan Arnold decided to take advantage of CUB’s no obligation consultancy service.

‘As a Trustee for the Empress Swimming Pool Trust, it’s my duty on behalf of its loyal membership, donors and supporters to find the best deals for every supplier we use in order to keep running costs to a minimum. When I heard about CUB’s service, I thought it was certainly worth while taking them up on their no obligation consultancy, after all what did I have to lose?‘

CUB paid a site visit and offered advice on how to best manage our utility accounts and explained more about their services. They took time to get to know our business and its requirements and guided me through the process offering advice where necessary.

Calculations were based on previous usage and savings are projected to be in excess of £3000 over a two year period on our electricity bill, a significant amount for a small charitable organisation like us.

‘As a charity it’s essential for us to review our operations at regular intervals to ensure the best deals from our suppliers. CUB’s service has given us peace of mind knowing that they will always work hard on our behalf to help us make the greatest savings possible. The Empress Swimming Pool Trust continues to work with the team from CUB and we expect to make savings of up to £1000 on the annual gas bill. In addition, we want to become more energy efficient so we plan to engage them to conduct a full energy audit to find out if further savings can be made by changing our current practices.’

‘I was very happy with their no obligation service and throughout the process I found the CUB staff very easy to deal with. They were courteous, professional and knowledgeable and were prompt to action any points agreed. If they said they were going to do something, they did it all in a timely manner. They struck the best balance when offering advice on other services without being too pushy and overbearing in their approach.’

‘I am very impressed by what has been achieved so far and we intend to get CUB to review our water bills next. They have a friendly, proactive team who can secure the best utility deals available in the market place. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending their service.’

CUB UK Ltd is an Energy Consultancy Company based in March, Cambridgeshire. Founded 20 years ago they provide a range of energy services to B2B clients including water audit services and advice on renewables and smart metering. The CUB team can be contacted on 01354 606848 or at

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