Reduction Reward Scheme – The Story so Far

The CUB Reduction Reward Scheme was set up utilising the National Grid ESO Demand Flexibility Service. It is a service designed to incentivise businesses to turn down power usage at peak times of demand on the grid to help balance the system in return for a financial reward.

Link to the National Grid ESO page can be found here.

The scheme was set up just in time to maximise the benefit of the full 12 “test” events that were made available by National Grid ESO for entrants of the scheme from 18th November to 31st March 2023. We have seen a fantastic level of engagement across our portfolio of clients with customers in manufacturing, food, hospitality, waste, recycling and retail sectors taking part as well as many others. Users ranging from 14,000 kwh to 14,000,000 kwh per annum are taking part which means that customers both large and small are benefiting!

CUB held their first RR event on 22.11.22 between 17.30 and 18.30 which saw 74 MPAN’s Opt In and a modest 0.36MWH was taken off grid at that time compared to the previous 10 working days for those MPAN’s across this event. This generated income of £731 to be paid to CUB customers for their efforts in Reduction over this hour.

Between 30th November and 22nd December we saw another 5 events taking place, all of which fell between the hours of 17.00 and 19.00. Engagement increased across the sessions and reduction levels increased with the most successful event falling on 21.12.22 with 1.12 MWH achieved across 100 MPANS and £2,257 paid to CUB RR customers for this hour.

We are proud to have launched this product successfully and that we are the only energy consultant that are listed as an approved provider of this service. This demonstrates that we have maintained our position as the leading energy consultant in terms of Demand Side Response products and that we are committed to helping our clients to reduce costs, carbon emissions and move forward in taking an active role in the future of the UK’s Smart Grid.

Below are some key facts and data taken from the CUB RR events to date:

Number of events – 6

Total CUB RR Portfolio – 73GWH (equivalent to around 14,000 UK homes)

Average number of MPAN’s in event – 86

Total CUB client revenue earned from events – £8,108

Largest client revenue earned in single event – £1,726

Total MWH saved across all events – 4.04 MWH

Carbon saved across all events – 945KG

If you want more information about the CUB Reduction Reward Scheme please get in touch on [email protected] or speak to your account manager.

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