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Industrial energy management services

We proudly deliver industry-leading industrial energy management services to businesses across the UK. Our clients consume over 300,000 kWh of gas and electricity per year and work with our experts to ensure they’re getting the best possible deal from their energy supplier.

Our industrial energy management team partner with clients to understand their consumption patterns in great detail. By taking a full and comprehensive brief of where the business would like to be with its energy usage, we approach the best possible providers from our extensive network of suppliers.

Based on our detailed understanding of their needs, we’re able to recommend a specific industrial energy management package. Whether they need a light procurement input, or a more involved service from our premier or platinum packages, we have the breadth of experience to provide a tailored service that’s going to add value to an organisation.

When working with the independent experts at CUB, you’ll appreciate our proactive approach to energy management. With us, it’s not just about paperwork and contract negotiation. We help our clients to outline and follow a practical plan for lowering energy costs now, next year and the year after that.

We provide long-term industrial energy management services as a result of our attention to providing our customers with the best possible level of care. We are open, transparent and proactive, ensuring that our customers are best represented at every turn.

Learn more about our impressive track record by reading through some of our recent client feedback. To speak with a member of our team to understand how our industrial energy management services could benefit your business, simply give us a call on 01354 606848 or email [email protected].