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How to compare business electricity

If you’re responsible for managing the outgoing costs for a business, you’ll understand the importance of getting the best deal on your gas and electricity supply. With prices almost doubling in the last seven years, it’s never been more important to compare business electricity rates to ensure you’re getting the right deal.

It takes time to compare business electricity rates, but it’s a key part of cost management. It’s not as simple as going with the cheapest provider for today as there may be caveats, loop holes and penalties should you go over your threshold.

Tips to help you compare business electricity offers

  • Before you start comparing business electricity, make sure you’re spending as little as possible already by using energy saving light bulbs, monitors and lights get switched off at night and investing in an energy efficient kettle.
  • Make sure you understand how much you’re currently spending and how this has changed over the last few years.
  • Research suppliers online and use their websites to compare business electricity offerings and process to see which sounds like the best fit for your company.
  • Get in touch with at least three providers or commercial energy brokers and invite them to provide you with a quote that’s been tailored to your exact requirements.
  • Make sure when comparing business electricity rates that you factor in added value services like dedicated account management or ongoing commercial energy audits.
  • Once you’ve received your quotes, it’s time to compare business electricity for your company. Don’t be tempted by the cheapest deal. Make sure you read the fine print and understand the offer in its entirety, including the terms and conditions which may change over time.

We provide a dedicated energy comparison service, helping organisations across the country to compare business electricity rates and get the best possible value for money. Our impartial consultants will get a detailed understanding of your company’s needs before reaching out to our established network of over 20 providers. We can then tailor one of our bespoke packages to meet the needs of the business.

We help compare business electricity to improve efficiencies and reduce costs in the short, medium and long term.

To speak with an energy consultant about how best to compare business electricity prices for your organisation, simply call 01354 606848, or email [email protected].