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The Green Team Strike Again!

Spreading joy and positivity, the Green Team have been working hard within the community once again! From raising money to picking litter and planting flowers, their enthusiasm knows no ends and they have had a bumper year of activity so far. OK so they all enjoy doing things for other people and have a lot of fun taking part in the activities but that’s not all, it’s seeing the reaction from people when they are in receipt of their efforts. It’s comments like ‘The computers are a roaring success! They’re making a difference already’ from Ruth Everard of Dragon Mobility, that make it all worthwhile.

Giving up free time is often hard as lives are so busy these days but having the opportunity to face fears by taking part in a daring fundraiser such as the abseil that Jacqui, Holly and Natalie did last year and to be part of a team that gives back to society makes the Green Team projects addictive! You never know what you’ll be doing next!
Here are a few interesting facts about the Green Team:

• Donated computers and desks to Dragon Mobility
• Donated £100 to the Pheobe Epidermalysis Bullosa cause
• Attended a Brit Wheelchair Basket Ball event
• Have raised a total of £3000 for charity!
• Supported March in Bloom and Street Pride by planting bulbs, hanging baskets and barrier planters!
• Donated £250 towards running blades for a little boy called Jayden
• They keep the town clean by picking up litter every month!
• Supported our local teenagers with employability and interview skills
• Raised awareness of a foodbank and accumulated a total of one and a half tonnes of food!
• Donated £300 to the Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice

The team at CUB also support their own projects outside of work. Louis supports a young man with autism, called Michael, through a charity called ‘I Run 4’. He shares all of his sporting activities with Michael to help encourage him to get into sports and fitness. Melinda has organised a bridal event and managed to fit in a fair bit of fundraising as part of the event in support of her chosen charity The Pheobe Research. Natalie has reached the highest award possible in the Girlguiding world, gaining a Queen’s Award in return for her programme of activities including services to guiding and the community.

An amazing achievement I’m sure you’ll agree, but one thing is for sure, the Green Team constantly strive to do better each time so watch this space for some more exciting and philanthropic endeavours!