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Sustainable Futures and Energy


Sustainability and community involvement are concepts everyone and every business desires to achieve.

In the energy industry, the reliance still is focused on fossil fuels such as coal, gas, oil. This is of course is a non-sustainable way of living. The industry is changing and for the better. Renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and tidal/hydro are easing the reliance on fossil fuels and paving a new way for societal development. However, until we are 100% sustainable everyone has to pitch in to do their bit for the environment and their local area.

Our community is important to CUB particularly as most of us live close to our office. Therefore, every year, we always help with different projects.

Justin Healey, IT and Facilities Support helps out the Young People of March. He carries out general IT maintenance along with the maintenance of printers and external hard drives. He also provides thema one to one of troubleshooting service. Justin had this to say “It feels good to be able to help out a service that does a lot of good for our local community.”

We have helped national and local charities, raising money and getting involved where we can. This ranges from raising money for the Papworth Trust to planting trees for the National Trust at Peckover House in Wisbech.

A local charity we have helped recently was the WDKRC (Wisbech and District Kart Racing Club), who look to help the younger generation by building engineering skills through grass kart racing. We recently sponsored three races and are looking at sponsorship for the coming year.

Louis Fairfax, Managing Director has this to say “The WDKRC has been around for a long time and always provides fantastic fun for everyone who attends. It is always good to support a local organisation especially one as long serving as the WDKRC.”

We have received a local award for the work our Green Team have done alongside the Fenland District Street Pride Team. Also we are very proud to have been awarded and recognised both regionally and nationally for our culture of strong Corporate Social Responsibility.

CUB works with independent renewable energy suppliers. Our Exclusive Purchasing Collective (EPC) is partnered with Smartest Energy, a well known supplier of renewable energy contracts. When our clients sign up to the EPC they can choose to be fuelled by purely renewable energy which improves their sustainability and enhances their Corporate Social Responsibility profile.

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