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CUB Visits Thomas Clarkson

Natalie, Holly and Jaqui went along to Thomas Clarkson Academy in Wisbech on the 18th November.

“I really enjoyed attending the Careers Day and it was an even more exciting opportunity for me as I got to go back to my old school and it made me remember all the careers advice I was given whilst being a pupil. I couldn’t believe how much the school had changed so it come as quite a shock but it was great seeing how much things have changed!

We all met a variety of pupils at the school where some knew exactly what they wanted to do after leaving and what qualifications and experience they needed to get there, where there were others who didn’t know what they wanted to do. That’s where we were able to advise them that there are many routes into work such as apprenticeships, degrees, work experience etc.

I really did enjoy taking part in the career’s day and speaking to a variety of pupils and getting to know more about what careers they wanted to do.” – Natalie Taylor

“The Careers day at Thomas Clarkson was a real eye opener.  We met a variety of students all at different stages in deciding their future. Some were unsure of what to do next and we even met one that wanted to be a lawyer and had a full plan of how to get there.

I feel that we were able to offer more of an insight to the working world for these students and have hopefully opened up some key questions to them in terms of their futures.