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Being a Featured Business

CUB (UK) Ltd was one of the companies who participated in the Trading for Good pilot back in 2013.  The pilot was so successful that Trading for Good established the richer more secure website that they have today.

We believe in our community and giving back to it, so we participate in many different activities. Sometimes we find it difficult to show people exactly what we have done for our community. Trading for Good allows us to post all activities and helps total how much we have raised for charity and how many hours we have spent helping our community.

Since then we have become a featured business because of our active participation not only with Trading for Good but with our community as well. It is good to see that it is not just about the community and charities but also how a business operates. For example, we offer private health care and flexi time to our staff so it is good to demonstrate how we treat our staff and support young people in the work place.

We are very proud to be a featured business on their website and will continue to use Trading for Good in the future to highlight all the extra work CUB does.

To visit the Trading for Good website click here.