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Find certainty and save

Understanding energy spend is essential for accurate financial forecasting and planning which are both key concerns for those in the charitable sector.

Charitable giving is core to CUB UK’s identity. With a dedicated Green Team undertaking non-for-profit work in the community, and regular donations to local causes, giving back to the surrounding area has always been important to our family-run business.

With the average CUB UK charity customer spending approximately £58,000 a year on gas and electric, issues arise when this significant cost is at risk of sudden increase.

We have developed packages that’ve been tailored to the needs of organisations within the charitable sector, based around a suite of budget certainty products. This offering has given the likes of the Air Ambulance Service, Birmingham Dogs Home and The British Home and Hospital for Incurables the security they need when planning budgets.

By working with suppliers our clients may not have access to, we can recommend eco-friendly organisations that will share their values – as well as provide a dependable, high quality offering.

With over a dozen clients operating in the charitable sector, our expert team have the market knowledge, skill and experience to ensure that registered charities have access to the best information to ensure they’re paying the right amounts.

Working with the specialist energy procurement team at CUB gives charities the reliable level of support needed to ensure they’re making the right choices when it comes to energy spend.

How to learn more

To discover which budget certainty products are available, simply get in touch with a member of our expert charity team by calling 01354 606848 or by emailing [email protected] to book an informal meeting. You’ll also receive a 15% discount on our consultancy fee if you retain our services before May 2016.

Our track record

“As a charity with a staff of volunteers and no experience of renting commercial property, our organisation were in great need of professional advice when it came to sorting out the energy contracts for our new premises. The team at CUB proved to be a great source of advice as we went through this process and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.” David Hallam, Treasurer, Peterborough Sings

“We were immediately impressed by CUB. They were the only company who explained the process we needed to go through and were happy to help get any issues speedily resolved for us. I’d be more than happy to recommend them.” Kerry Downes, County Director, Clubs For Young People