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Family-run commercial energy brokers

When considering whether or not to retain a commercial energy broker, we understand the importance of working with real people you can trust to get the job done to the best possible standard. With so many suppliers to choose from, you’ll need to choose a commercial energy broker that has the right skills and experience to support your organisation.

Commercial energy broker, Royden Fairfax, founded our consultancy in 1994. He established our business, believing that businesses should expect and receive a higher level of service when it comes to energy management services.

As a commercial energy broker expert, he worked closely with clients and suppliers to build up an ethical service level that would be become a defining characteristic of the business.


We have a highly skilled team of commercial energy brokers who work collaboratively to deliver a consistently high experience.


We’re responsible for the reputation of the commercial energy broker profession and are clear with costs and processes at all times.


Our commercial energy brokers provide the latest prices from current and emerging suppliers.


It’s important that every commercial energy broker on our team is committed to our corporate social responsibility within and outside our organisation.


We provide a simple and clear service that is proactive and consistent.


Our commercial energy broker team have been with our business for years and are committed brand ambassadors for our clients.

To learn more about what our commercial energy brokers can do for you, simply get a recent bill to hand and call us on 01354 606848, or email [email protected].