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Enlighten your Energy Management Plan

Were you aware that only 12% of businesses have an energy management plan in place within their organisation? 

Ensuring that energy management is efficiently utilised is not only vital for the environment but also integral to the smooth running of any business, whether large or small. So why do most businesses not devise an energy management plan?

The main barrier cited when asked why a company would neglect such an integral area of business management is normally funding. As well as this, businesses have highlighted a lack of training and energy awareness, as well as suitable technology being available to create and implement a plan within their organisation.

Despite these areas of concern, increasing energy efficiency is actually cost effective and can be easily achieved using innovative, but, straightforward solutions.

CUB UK Ltd's service is clear and easy to understand, we ensuring that we're assisting customers to set up an energy management plan step-by-step, or by helping them with their current plan to ensure clients are getting the most out of their energy usage.

All businesses have the potential to decrease consumption of energy, and technology costs are ever decreasing, meaning that investing in this vital area can deliver results in a shorter than imagined timeframe.

As CUB UK Ltd work with each client on a one-on-one basis, with a wholly unique approach, they are more than just an energy management team, they are an extension of the current team, advising on plans for the present, as well as the future.