Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting

Read about how CUB can help your organisation ensure compliance with SECR.

What is Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)?

SECR is a mandatory scheme for organisations in the UK that meet the qualification criteria. It was designed to drive down Carbon emissions by providing greater transparency and creating ownership of reducing carbon emissions for large businesses.

You can find the official government guidance on SECR here.

Do I need to comply with SECR?

If your organisation is a quoted company or meets two of the following criteria, you may need to comply with SECR. However, additional stipulations and qualification criteria need to be considered, so if you need clarification, please get in touch.

Large companies, as defined in sections 465 and 466 of the Companies Act 2006, are companies that meet two or more of the following criteria:

  • turnover (or gross income) of £36 million or more,
  • balance sheet assets of £18 million or more,
  • 250 employees or more.

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What is the process to ensure compliance?

SECR requires you to report on carbon and energy use as part of your annual accounts filed with Companies House. The documentation comprises:

  • annual UK energy use (in kWh), as a minimum relating to gas, purchased electricity and transport fuel and associated greenhouse gas emissions (in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e))
  • an emissions intensity ratio chosen by the academy trust. Intensity ratios compare emissions data with an appropriate business metric or financial indicator, such as pupil numbers, to allow comparison over time or with other organisations
  • the methodologies used to calculate the required information
  • a narrative of measures taken to improve energy efficiency in the period of the report. If no steps have been taken, this should be stated
  • the prior year’s equivalent figures must be disclosed for comparison.

How can CUB help?

CUB can manage the entire process on your behalf, from collecting data to preparing the report to the required standard to include in your annual accounts. See the case study (Hartwell case study) from our client Hartwell Plc explaining how we helped them to ensure SECR compliance.

Contact us if you want to discuss SECR.