Reduction Reward Scheme

Learn about how the CUB Reduction Reward Scheme can help your organisation to generate revenue from your electricity usage.

Get paid to use power – more or less!

Our Reduction Reward scheme simplifies the complexity that Demand Side Response (DSR) entails. If the term DSR means nothing to you, you are not alone  All we need to know is, can you decrease/or increase your energy usage throughout the day? If the answer is yes, then we can help you. Of course, income levels vary; however, some of our customers have seen income of £100k per annum from these schemes, so this isn’t an area to dismiss.

The CUB Reduction Reward scheme utilises Demand Side Response (DSR) schemes that organisations such as National Grid ESO and local Distributors such as UK Power Networks offer to the market. CUB are an approved provider of these services through most providers and has partnerships with other organisations where CUB cannot provide these services directly.


“Helpful, professional and personable - our clients tell us these words best describe CUB. and sets us apart from the competition and why we measure the length of our relationships with customers in decades.”
Louis Fairfax - Managing Director

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What kind of organisations benefit the most?

  • Large industrial or commercial users that can power up or down throughout the day
  • Users that previously saved money by avoiding TRIAD costs
  • Anyone with EV chargers on site
  • Anyone with a battery on site
  • Cold storage plants

Why participate?

The need for flexibility on the grid is an essential part of the UK’s Net Zero ambitions. If you participate in the CUB Reduction Reward Scheme, you are playing your part in the future of the UK’s Smart Grid as well as generating revenue for your organisation.

Benefits and further info

  • Income levels of up to £100k per annum
  • No impact on your daily operations
  • Expertise from a leading DSR Consultant

See our FAQs for more information.

Some of the schemes we utilise are listed below; this list is increasing as more flexibility is required across the UK.


Learn more about one of our client's experiences with the CUB Reduction Reward Scheme

Chase Plastics is the UK’s leading supplier of high-quality recycled polythene pellets and compounds, we are committed to promote the recycling of plastic waste in the UK, minimising waste being dumped overseas whilst ensuring our clients enjoy 100% recycled plastic without compromising on quality. We operate from an Environment Agency approved site in Brandon, Suffolk where we employ a team of committed individuals who are constantly looking at ways to improve our processes, efficiency, and service delivery to our valued customer base.

CUB UK have worked with Chase Plastics since 2010, several years before I took over the business, and I adopted the well-established working relationship that they had with Chase Plastics. Their business has great synergy with Chase Plastics as a UK focused, customer orientated organisation that is at the forefront of their industry. We purchase our electricity and gas contracts through CUB, and they provide ongoing management of our account through cost forecasting, advice on wholesale energy prices and energy usage reporting and analysis.

In December 2022 Louis Fairfax of CUB approached me to invite me into their Reduction Reward scheme. He explained that there was no risk to us in doing so as the scheme allows us to reduce consumption where possible when called upon however it does not penalise us if we don’t manage to achieve a lower figure that our consumption over the last 10 days over the times in question. This product was a great fit as we are used to avoiding charges at peak times through the TRIAD scheme, which CUB actively manage for Chase Plastics.

Our first event was on 12th December, CUB advised us at around 4pm on 11th December 22 to prepare to reduce consumption between 5pm and 7pm. We responded to Opt-In to the event and prepared the site to reduce consumption as much as possible during these hours.

We were pleased with the result from the first event, seeing £2k in benefit from this. We have since been involved in another five events and our income overall is £8k which we are absolutely thrilled about. This has come at a time when energy prices are high, costs across the board are escalating and we are working in an increasingly competitive environment. What is also fantastic is that participating in the scheme has been a point of shared success across the business, highlighting the excellent work by our operational team in achieving these savings and I know that it will give the whole team a greater understanding of our energy usage across the board.

Louis has recently been in touch as he is in the process of registering Chase Plastics with a competition to monetise our flexibility through Demand Side Response schemes that our local Distributor UK Power Networks have made available through an online platform.

I would happily recommend CUB UK to any business looking to collaborate with a partner that is at the forefront of the Demand Side Response market as well as possessing a great understanding of wholesale markets, products, structures and how to assist a business by acting as an outsourced energy manager.