Reducing Energy Usage

Organisations have been trying to lower energy usage for decades. Learn more about how CUB can help you to achieve your ongoing goals in this area.

“The cheapest unit of energy is the one you never consume”

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner CBE.

It is an obvious statement but an often-overlooked part of energy costs. When looking to reduce the cost of energy, CUB will use our expertise to achieve the lowest supply contract rate; however, with many customers seeing increases of 100%+, there may be more opportunities with how much you are using.

“Helpful, professional and personable - our clients tell us these words best describe CUB. and sets us apart from the competition and why we measure the length of our relationships with customers in decades.”
Louis Fairfax - Managing Director

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How can CUB help me to reduce my organisation’s energy consumption?

CUB can help in a number of ways.

  1. Reporting and usage analysis – using our preferred data collection partner, CUB can access your data through an online portal where you can see how much energy you have used by each half-hourly period which is updated daily. This is available straight away if you have a HH (Half-Hourly read) meter, and we can provide costings to you for smart meters if you don’t.
  2. Energy Audit – Alongside our partner SMCC, CUB are able to provide an in-depth audit which starts with a free consultation with a carbon mentor who will discuss your plans, including Net Zero, Funding, and technology types. Following this, an audit will be priced up, conducted with the findings sent and discussed with you. A strategy for the delivery of your energy reduction plan will then be developed and implemented.
  3. On-site generation – CUB can help you deliver on-site generation solutions such as Solar PV, Heat Pumps or CHP. These types of technology are likely to be highlighted in the energy audit and will form part of your overall strategy, and CUB will project manage the installation of this technology alongside our partners. CUB can deliver on-site generation projects on a standalone basis, however, without the need for an energy audit or strategy review.

Where should I start?

Reducing energy consumption can seem like a daunting task. To discuss where to begin, simply get in touch with us or book a free 30-minute “reducing energy usage” call with our MD, Louis Fairfax.