Power Hours

Welcome to Power Hours, learn more below about the revolutionary project from CUB can deliver free electricity for your business whilst helping balance the electricity system.



Your Gateway to Free Electricity!

Discover a revolutionary opportunity to harness the power of renewable energy with CUB Power Hours. We’re thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking program that allows businesses like yours to enjoy free electricity during designated CUB Power Hours.

Get Paid to Balance the Energy System!

Imagine getting free electricity. With CUB’s Power Hours, it’s not just a possibility; it’s an opportunity waiting for you. In collaboration with UK Power Networks and ESO, we bring you an exciting offer: free additional electricity in return for your help to balance the energy system.

What Are Power Hours?

Power Hours mark a significant breakthrough in sustainable energy consumption. These special hours occur when the local area experiences a surplus of electricity generated from renewable sources.

How do Power Hours work?

  • Duration: Typically lasting between one and four hours, Power Hours present a window to maximize your energy consumption with zero cost implications.
  • Notification: Stay in the loop! CUB will send you an email notification, providing ample notice ahead of a Power Hours Event. We understand the importance of planning, and we aim to give you the heads-up, usually a day in advance, though occasionally on the same day.
  • Opt-In: To participate, all you need to do is respond to our email and opt in. It’s that simple!
  • Free Electricity: During Power Hours, use as much power as your business requires. Any electricity consumed is free.
  • Reimbursement: CUB will calculate the electricity used during each Power Hours session and reimburse you monthly in arrears. This means any electricity you consume during Power Hours will be entirely free.
  • No Penalties: Don’t worry if you can’t increase your usage – no penalties.

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Who Benefits the Most?

Is your organization a good fit? The CUB Power Hours Scheme is perfect for:

  • Large industrial or commercial users with flexible energy usage.
  • Anyone with EV chargers on site
  • Anyone with a battery on site
  • Cold storage plants

How to Unlock the Benefits of CUB Power Hours

  • Check Eligibility: Contact us to confirm if your business operates in one of the specific areas covered by the scheme.
  • Smart Meter Connectivity: Ensure you have a connected smart electricity meter capable of Half-Hourly reads.

Why Participate?

Joining the CUB Power Hours Scheme means more than free electricity – it means playing a vital role in balancing the energy system and the advancing the future of the Smart Grid.

Benefits and More:

  • Free electricity.
  • No disruptions to daily operations.
  • Tap into the expertise of a leading Demand Flexibility Consultant.
  • Explore our FAQs for more details.

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