Generating and Storing Power

Read more about how generating and/or storing power at your site(s) can give your organisation an important edge.

Why generate energy on site?

Generating Energy on-site is now commonplace across the UK, with wholesale energy costs increasing rapidly and ROI models looking more favourable, with Solar PV, Wind and Heat Pumps being the most common technologies being adopted.

Storing power with on-site batteries is also a growing market and usually sits alongside Solar PV and Wind to create a more consistent delivery profile of power. If you are considering batteries, you can also play a part in helping balance the local and national grid using our Reduction Reward scheme.

Main benefits

  • Lower your overall energy bill – with costs increasing this is become more important than ever!
  • Become more self sufficient – less reliant on the grid
  • Work towards Net Zero targets – as well as appealing to customers looking for green credentials

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How can CUB help?

CUB, in collaboration with our select partners, can deliver your on-site generation project from quoting through to design and installation. Our business is passionate about simplifying these types of projects which can seem quite daunting at first. We can also help you to avoid some of the common mistakes we find when looking at on site generation such as;

  • Poor quality technology – as this is a fast moving market technology is improving all the time so CUB will ensure you are provided with the very latest technology.
  • Lack of aftercare – CUB will always be on hand to help with any ongoing queries or issues that may arise, as a 3rd generation family business we aren’t going anywhere!
  • Lack of ROI visibility – CUB are able to easily determine if you on site generation solution is delivering against ROI stated at the time of installation.

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