Export Contracts/PPAs

Discover how Export Contracts/PPA’s can help your organisation to generate additional revenue.

What is an Export Contract/PPA?

An export contract/PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is an agreement which pays for any energy exported to the grid. They are in place for customers with on-site generation, such as Solar Panels or Wind Turbines.

See our Export Contract/PPA FAQs here for more info

How can CUB help me find the most suitable export contract/PPA?

Our small team of experts (9 full-time team members) has 109 years of experience in the energy industry. We use this knowledge to provide impartial and helpful advice on the most appropriate contract to suit your needs. In addition, we work with a selection of suppliers that can offer competitive deals for purchasing this energy from you.

In some cases, Peer to Peer options are available where another energy user will agree to buy your excess power at an agreed price. This arrangement is usually only available to larger installations.

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What is the process?

  1. CUB obtains your authority to conduct a tender and get the required information.
  2. We work with you to establish your ideal contract type, payment terms and duration.
  3. We request prices from our energy suppliers; these are analysed and presented to you.
  4. Contract agreed with supplier for the chosen duration, and CUB manages the onboarding to the new supplier.

You now have a new export contract/PPA and CUB as your Energy Partner, with a named account manager assigned to you. – we will deal with any issues throughout the life of the contract, and we will discuss any additional services that may benefit you.

You get paid for every kWh that you export to the grid.

How does CUB get paid?

CUB typically work on a commission structure whereby we include our fee in the price of any contract we offer you, so you do not incur any upfront cost for our services; however, we are happy to agree on an alternative fee structure with you if preferred. Just ask one of our helpful team members.