Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicles are driving change in the market. Learn more about how EV charging can bring several benefits to your organisation.

A stepping stone towards Net Zero

EV Chargers are becoming an essential part of our day-to-day lives as the rapid growth of Electric Vehicle (EV) ownership continues. Ten million EVs were sold in 2022, with 2023 expected to see a 35% rise at fourteen million.

Many of our clients have already installed EV charge points for their customers and staff, and CUB, alongside our installation partner SMCC, can deliver a solution for this if you want or need to install a charge point(s) on your site.

Installing an EV charger can be sold as a staff or customer benefit and is considered a stepping stone towards Net Zero.

“Helpful, professional and personable - our clients tell us these words best describe CUB. and sets us apart from the competition and why we measure the length of our relationships with customers in decades.”
Louis Fairfax - Managing Director

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Generate Revenue

However, considering an EV charger solution shouldn’t end with convenience. We believe EV chargers can be an opportunity to generate revenue for your business. Let us explain how.

  1. Charging for use – The cost of charging an EV can vary massively depending on location, charge rate and the type of charger an EV requires. Therefore, you can legitimately charge users a competitive rate for using your on-site charge point unless you have already offered this for free!
  2. Share usage with the general public – If your EV chargers are used infrequently, making them available to other road users will increase your ROI through setting an appropriate tariff – there are various apps available that you can post your availability on. What’s more, this could drive footfall traffic to your business!
  3. CUB Reduction Reward scheme – CUB can help you earn revenue by utilising the software that is usually available with all modern-day chargers to reduce the charge rate at certain times and pay you in return for this availability. See more about our Reduction Reward Scheme here… (link to page)

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