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Energy procurement services

Our energy procurement specialists work with I&C and SME businesses across the UK. With three generations of experience in the industry, we analyse consumption date before tailoring one of our four-tired packages to suit the unique needs of our client.

Having been in business since 1994, we manage the energy procurement requirements for hundreds of businesses and have saved our clients over £100million since we started.

We take pride in our ethical approach to energy procurement and champion this every day in our customer charter:


We have a highly skilled team of energy procurement experts who work collaboratively to deliver a consistently high experience.


We’re responsible for the reputation of the energy procurement profession and are clear with costs and processes at all times.


We provide the latest prices from current and emerging suppliers.


It’s important that everyone on our team is committed to our corporate social responsibility within and outside our organisation.


We provide a simple and clear service that is proactive and consistent.


Our people have been with our business for years and are committed brand ambassadors for our clients.

To learn more about what our energy procurement specialists can do for you, simply get a recent bill to hand and call us on 01354 606848, or email [email protected].