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Demand Side Response (DSR)

Could your energy usage become an additional income stream for your organisation? Avoid high charges and help balance the grid at times of peak consumption. Demand Side Response (DSR) helps organisations with variable operational demands to become smart consumers of electricity. Your flexible energy consumption could generate revenue for your business helping you avoid the highest charges whilst supporting the grid.

The electricity market has become more and more reliant on customers to balance the grid. In turn this offers the opportunity for businesses to maximise the future value of their flexibility.

Consumers and those that generate electricity have the opportunity to submit flexibility that can be remitted when the National Grid is under stress or simply a response to a price signal from the wholesale market. For those that respond, there will be a payment appropriate to the incentive structure entered. In some cases even if you have not been asked to reduce consumption, your business will still earn income.

Cost savings and an additional revenue stream

  • Receive payments for providing flexibility to the National Grid or local distributor or a price signal response
  • Gain revenue even when you are not asked to reduce your demand through some schemes
  • Reduce costly peak charges on your supply

Our team of specialists can help you get the most out of DSR by helping you to:

  • Get to know DSR
  • Agree a realistic level of reduction, without impacting your business operations
  • Understand the flexible options available when taking advantage of DSR

By working with CUB’s team of experts you will gain:

  • 20 years’ industry experience
  • Peace of mind knowing we’re an honest team with a transparent approach
  • A professional team that always goes the extra mile
  • An innovative organisation with the finger on the pulse of the industry.

If you are interested in our DSR service and would like further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our skilled team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.