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Customer Complaints Procedure

I. What is a complaint?

A complaint is when a customer tells us that they are not happy with something that we have done or not done, and we have not put things right.

II. Who is a customer?

A customer is anyone who contacts CUB® to request a service, or is in receipt of a service.

III. How can a complaint be made?

Any customer wishing to make a complaint can do so by:

Phone - 01354 606848
E-Mail – [email protected]
Letter  -  Customer Care, 6 Melbourne Avenue, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 0EN

IV. What is the process for making a complaint?

The process for making a complaint in detailed in the Complaints Procedure which is available free of charge by email or post or can be viewed via our website www.c-u-b.com

V. What if a customer has a further complaint during the complaints process?

The customer can make another complaint at any time during the process.

VI. What happens if the complaint is upheld?

If the complaint is upheld then the customer will receive an apology;, an explanation of what went wrong; a practical action to correct the problem and/or, depending upon the particulars of the claim, either a goodwill payment or compensation.


Complaints Procedure

Stage 1 - Investigation by Account/Relationship Manager

Customer care will forward the complaint to the relevant Account/Relationship Manager. The Account/Relationship Manager will record all details of the complaint including date received onto the Complaints Log.

  • We will aim to acknowledge the complaint at Stage 1 within 3 working days, enclosing a copy of the Complaints Policy and Procedure.
  • The Account/Relationship Manager will carry out a thorough investigation.
  • The Account/Relationship Manager will write to the customer within 10 working days with the result of the investigation and a conclusion to the complaint.
  • If the customer is not happy with the result of stage 1, they will have 5 working days to advise the Account/Relationship Manager and request that the complaint be reviewed by a Director.

Stage 2 - Review by Director

We will acknowledge that the complaint is now at Stage 2 and pass the complaint to the appropriate Director for investigation.

  • The Director will carry out a review within 10 working days from receipt of the notice of elevation to Stage 2 and will examine all the correspondence and notes relating to the complaint to ensure that it has been dealt with fairly.
  • The Director will aim to provide a formal written response within 5 working days of the review.
  • The letter will advise the customer that if they are still not satisfied they have 5 working days to request an Appeal.
  • If the customer makes a request for Appeal, the Account/Relationship Manager will provide information on the Appeals process to the customer and arrange an Appeals Panel.

Stage 3 - Appeal

Complaints that go to an Appeal will be heard by a Panel, which will be made up of two members of the company’s Board of Directors, and an Account/Relationship Manager who has not previously investigated the complaint.

  • The Appeals Panel will aim to meet within 10 working days of the customer’s request.
  • The Account/Relationship Manager will send copies of all correspondence relating to the complaint to the members of the Appeals panel and to the customer in advance of the Panel meeting.
  • The Panel will consider all the facts relating to the complaint and decide whether the decision should be changed, upheld or re-investigated.
  • A written response will normally be sent within 10 working days of the Panel meeting. This will set out the Panel’s decision and the reasons why the decision has been reached.

Stage 4 – Additional Dispute Resolution (Available to Micro-business Customers Only) –  Available from 1st December 2022

  • When a complaint has either:
    a)      reached a “deadlock” position, where the parties involved aren’t able to agree a resolution and have reached the end of the complaint process; or
    b)      been unresolved for more than eight weeks.

CUB® will provide information to the Micro-business Customer about the Ombudsman’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Service. The Ombudsman’s Service is free of charge and impartial for consumers.

  • Customers can contact the Ombudsman Service:
    Post: Ombudsman Services: Energy, P.O. Box 966, Warrington, WA4 9DF
    Phone: 0330 440 1624
    Email: [email protected]