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5 things you need to know about business energy management

Energy efficiency is a high priority concern for businesses of all sizes across the UK and beyond. Enlisting the strategic support of a business energy management supplier can be a cost effective way of getting to grips with expenditure and find out how to best navigate this complex market.

Our ISO accredited business energy management services stand head and shoulders above the competition as we’re known for delivering a personal and professional service that can make a real difference to an organisation’s bottom line. Our experts share what you need to know about business energy management to help you retain the right consultants for your business.

Consultancy services cost money

Be wary of organisations selling their services based on a free consultancy approach. You will inevitably pay for the consultant’s time, but it will be disguised in the overall quote.

Transparency is key

You need to be able to trust the people you’re potentially going to be working with as they are operating on your behalf, in complex market places. You’ll want to look out for a business energy management supplier that provides clear pricing breakdowns and reviews of output and outcome.

Clear tendering process

Your business energy management supplier should be able to give you a detailed breakdown of the energy companies they will approach on your behalf. In some instances, an organisation may only approach the ‘big six’, which doesn’t always provide best value for money.

Codes of practice

Although our industry isn’t regulated right now, Ofgem is working on developing a series of recommendations when it comes to operating in our sector. It’s worth exploring these with potential suppliers to understand how they can evidence adhering to these evolving codes.

Track record

When looking at a new business energy management company, the best way to assess their suitability is often to look at their customer satisfaction levels. Ask about their customer care policy, or ask if you can speak with an existing client about their experience. If they’re not willing to readily offer you this information, something may be awry.

To learn more about retaining a business energy management company, simply get in touch with the friendly and professional team at CUB and we’ll explain the process, as well as the benefits for your business. Give us a call on 01354 606848 or email [email protected] today to learn more by speaking with one of our expert relationship managers.