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The Benefits of Smart Meters

21st Jun 2016

Smart meters are the best meters for your business and the government want every business in the UK to have a smart meter by 2020. But what are the benefits?

  • Smart meter’s are able to record more information than current gas and electricity meters and they’re able to capture and store energy data more often.
  • On smart meter’s, energy usage is expressed in pounds and pence so you can calculate your exact energy spend.
  • Smart metering allows energy companies to collect energy usage remotely, meaning regular meter readings will be taken. This will mean your business will only be charged for what you actually use - inaccurate bills will soon be a thing of the past!
  • As smart meters will give you your actual usage, you can start to budget and plan for the future. There shouldn’t be big spikes in energy usage as you’ll have frequent data recordings.
  • If you wanted to switch energy suppliers, smart meters allow for a smoother and faster process, ensuring you’re always with the best supplier and tariff.

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