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How to avoid energy bill surprises

27th Apr 2016

How to avoid energy bill surprises It’s important for businesses to ensure they are paying the right amount when it comes to energy bills. Inaccurate or incorrect meter readings, overly low estimations and a failure to chase up energy suppliers when things might not be correct can be the cause of unexpected energy bills. But how can you avoid these costly surprises?

Remember to check

If you have a suspicion your bill is wrong, ask. If you receive your energy bill and it seems a lot more or a lot less than expected, contact your energy provider. The sooner you do this, the better, as bills can quickly mount up. It’s also possible that your provider has got it wrong and it’s always better to check, rather than paying over the odds.

Educate yourself

One of the best ways to prevent those nasty energy bill surprises is to know what information the bill is telling you. Most of us read the number and hand over the money. But an understanding of what your energy bill is telling you about your energy consumption can be key to reducing your overall energy cost.


If you’re business is relocating, sorting out an energy provider should be high on your priority list. Check your building to see if there is more than one metre as individual types of energy can have individual metres. This makes it more likely for you to get an accurate reading and your bill should come as close to your estimated cost.

Discuss the problem

If it comes to the end of the month and a bill is much bigger than the one you were expecting, ring up your provider and talk to them. Yes, you’ll most likely have to pay the bill but they will be able to tell you where you went wrong. If there was a certain time your energy usage spiked, you might be able to work out the reason why and prevent it from happening again.

Meter Readings

Ideally you need to take a meter reading every two years. Whilst this is the minimum suppliers will ask for, make sure you update your readings over the phone every time you get a bill. This will reduce the chances of being caught out by an unforeseen energy bill.

“When it comes to managing your energy bills preparation is key, it pays to be prepared and take regular meter reads rather than end up in a dispute with your supplier over how much has been used and when. The option of smart metering can also offer a solution to this problem which negates the need for reads to be taken. I also recommend insisting on a dedicated point of contact at your energy supplier, particularly if you have a large spend, so that if the unexpected does happen then someone will take ownership of your problem.” – Louis Fairfax, Managing Director.

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