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A guide to saving energy this summer

21st Jun 2016

Saving energy during the winter is probably at the top of your energy agenda, but did you know there’s also a number of ways your business can save energy and money during the summer?

Take a look at our top five tips to saving this summer.

  • One of the most effective types of cooling systems are ceiling fans. They effectively circulate the air in the room to create a draft throughout the whole room. With ceiling fans, there’s no need to use your air conditioning as they will cool the whole office space.
  • If you have air conditioning at your workplace, is it regularly maintained? If not, you could be losing energy. Clogged and dirty air conditioning filters can block airflow and reduce the system’s efficiency significantly.
  • On hot days in the office, if possible, try to avoid using hot appliances. Using the microwave instead of the oven can save energy and try not to use the kettle as often. The kettle is one of the most energy-hungry items in the office so try to encourage staff members to drink cold drinks such as iced tea or coffee. You could even buy a selection of cold drinks to encourage them to not boil the kettle as often.
  • Water heating accounts for about 18% of the energy consumed in the office. Lower the temperature of your water heating to save energy. The only time employees should need hot water is when washing up or washing their hands, so turn it down!
  • Finally, ask your employees to turn off all devices when leaving the office as you’ll find most people leave computers on during the evening and weekends. This also includes lights, chargers and everything that is not being used out of working hours.

At CUB UK we understand that some of these operational considerations can be difficult to achieve when working in a large organisation or for a small organisation with temporary staff. However, try to put a strategy in place to educate employees or offer incentives if they help the business to save energy.

If you’d like any advice on how to save energy, simply get in touch with a member of our friendly team on customercare@c-u-b.com or call 01354 606848.