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Our Case Studies


"As a charity that advocates climate change, CUB have been mindful of the charity’s ethos and have ensured that our energy contracts are sourced from renewable energy. The team were knowledgeable, friendly and professional and we were kept informed every step of the way. CUB offered various options and made suitable recommendations ensuring the decision making process was simple and straightforward. The outcome was extremely positive for Tearfund. CUB negotiated a 41% saving on our gas contract and an 8% saving on our electricity contract. This equates to an outstanding saving of £8500 over the contract period, a substantial saving for any organisation and a significant one for our charity. The more we save, the more money we have to continue the work we do."

The Empress Swimming Pool

 ‘I was very happy with their no obligation service and throughout the process I found the CUB staff very easy to deal with. They were courteous, professional and knowledgeable and were prompt to action any points agreed. If they said they were going to do something, they did it all in a timely manner. They struck the best balance when offering advice on other services without being too pushy and overbearing in their approach.'

Feature Radiators Ltd

At first glance Feature Radiators would seem to have relatively straightforward energy requirements, with a small staff in its office space, a large facility for product display and separate warehousing. In fact its needs are surprisingly complex, CUB using its expertise to ensure that all are met cost effectively, securing the most appropriate deals and moving contracts between suppliers, as Helena Dowsland, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Feature Radiators explains: “They manage transfers to new suppliers, right down to the letter that goes to the old company; it’s really important to us because we have several properties with different suppliers. And if a supplier makes a billing error, CUB sorts that out too.”

Webb Hotels & Leisure Ltd

“CUB’s approach is to go out to the market in advance of our energy contracts coming up for renewal. As energy specialists they have the knowledge, processes and resources to negotiate with several energy suppliers. They put together a shortlist, along with their recommendation, and then we make the final decision.”

Swann Morton Ltd

Nigel Gear, Swann-Morton’s Finance Department Manager, describes the process: “CUB gets quotes from up to 20 suppliers and shows us details of the four or five best deals. They also advise us on which would best suit us, primarily in terms of cost, but also in relation to the length and nature of the contract. It just wouldn’t be feasible for us to do all of this in-house.”